[TYPO3] RTE issues

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Fri Mar 24 17:51:39 CET 2006

Ries van Twisk wrote:
> hey All,
> I am using htmlarea but I keep on having problems with it to make it 
> work like I want it.

> RTE config 

is always needed

> where can I configure the rteerror handling?

TS config for pages/users/user groups

> I have a construct like this:
> <p><h2>Some Header</h3></p>
> While when I look in the sourxe I see something like this
> <h2>Some Header</h3>

This change is ok - <p><h2>Some Header</h3></p> is *invalid* construct
h1 etc. should *newer* put inside p-tags.

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