[TYPO3] RTE issues

Joerg Wagner jwagner at digilog.de
Fri Mar 24 16:11:55 CET 2006

Hello Ries,

> German Umlauts are replaced by strange char's, when inserted via copy and 
> paste.

Please see the posting ...
"[TYPO3-RTE] German Umlauts are replaced by strange char's, when inserted 
via copy and paste"

...in  list typo3.projects.rte. It contains the solution to your problem 


Jörg Wagner

DigiLog multimedia

"Ries van Twisk" <typo3 at rvt.dds.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:mailman.16891.1143210862.3122.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
> hey All,
> I am using htmlarea but I keep on having problems with it to make it work 
> like I want it.
> For some reason it's always a problem to predict what is going to happen 
> when I
> make somethink left align, right aligned pasting code. Div tages changed 
> to p tags,
> classes removed from tags all of a sudden pasting html/php code that get's 
> totally changed and doesn't look the why I wanted it.
> Looking at the RTE mailing list is that there are many people with 
> extreemly simple questions with now good solution.
> RTE config IS way to differcult and never seen in any RTE found.
> To name a few:
> ---
> Must be easy, but somehow I am missing it. I want to keep <div> tags in 
> RTE. But everytime I save, they get turned to <p> tag.
> ---
> where can I configure the rteerror handling?
> Maybe I want to switch of this feature.
> When I try to correct a dead-link, I want the strange border to disapear. 
> Instead, it becomes more and more trash and I have to remove that per 
> html-mode.
> ---
> one of our writers can't insert links or images with default rte (T3 
> 3.6.2). he gets the window for choosing the link, but when he presses 
> insert link, nothing happens.
> All other writers have no problem. I think it is an IE miscofiguration but 
> cannot find the trigger to change this...any clues?
> ---
> German Umlauts are replaced by strange char's, when inserted via copy and 
> paste.
> ---
> anybody any idea, why underline doesn't work? The button is available, tag 
> <u> is allowed in parseFunc.allowTags and underline seems to work until I 
> save or switch to html-mode.
> ---
> I have a construct like this:
> <p><h2>Some Header</h3></p>
> While when I look in the sourxe I see something like this
> <h2>Some Header</h3>
> (h tags NOT surrounded with p tags)
> ---
> Is there something better than htmlarea, something less complex OR is 
> there a much better default page TS config.
> When I leave page TS config empty it simply doesn't do what I want it to 
> do and I need to dig for quite some time into
> the config to make it do what I want it to do.
> Any comments?
> -- 
> Ries van Twisk
> Freelance Typo3 Developer
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> email: ries at vantwisk.nl
> web:   http://www.rvantwisk.nl/
> skype: callto://r.vantwisk
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