[TYPO3] TV: "prependAtCopy" for FCEs

Joerg Wagner - DigiLog multimedia usenet at digilog.de
Fri Mar 24 17:31:26 CET 2006

Hi all!

When copying pages there is a TSconfig prop that suppresses the appending of 
"Copy n" to the page header:
    TCEMAIN.table.pages.disablePrependAtCopy = 1

I am searching for straight two hours now to find a similar possibility for 
TV's FCEs.

In my current project with nested FCEs it is very unhandy that after copying 
a complex nested FCE, all headers contain an appended "Copy n" string that 
has to be removed manually from all of them.

During my research I found a TCA structure that seems to do the job, but 
this obviously needs PHP code and can not be done by TSconfig. There also 
seems to be a similar setting in the main config settings of tt_news 
extension (prependAtCopy setting), but TV does not provide such a setting.

Is there any way to do it?


Jörg Wagner
DigiLog multimedia 

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