[TYPO3] rlmp_eventdb where to subscribe to event?

Pablo Martinez pama at iname.com
Thu Mar 23 20:59:25 CET 2006

Jacob Hammeken schrieb:
> Hi Pablo.
> I wrote:
>>Unfortunately, the FCE rendering option does not seem to work
> I finally got it to work, but I think my solution is flawed. In 
> ext_typoscript_setup.txt, there is the following line:
> content =< plugin.tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1
> When rlmp_eventdb is used with an FCE, tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1->main seems to be 
> called about fifteen times during the rendering of the FCE. I think the 
> problem I had previously was either because a memory or time limit in PHP was 
> exceeded. main() is only called once if you insert the following in a 
> TypoScript template. However, that is probably not a good idea since it was 
> put there for a reason.
> lib.tx_rlmpeventdb.singleView.content >
> Has anyone experienced the same problem with rlmp_eventdb 1.0.4, when viewing 
> an event with a FCE in single view mode?
> Regards,
> Jacob

Thank you for your answer!


I tried the stuff with TV and it worked that I saw the detailed view.
But when clicking on "Anmeldung" (Means booking for event) the site just 
reloads. Also when klicking on persons for this event. the site jsut 

Any way out of that dead end?

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