[TYPO3] rlmp_eventdb where to subscribe to event?

Jacob Hammeken jacob at wildside.dk
Thu Mar 23 13:40:40 CET 2006

Hi Pablo.

I wrote:
> Unfortunately, the FCE rendering option does not seem to work

I finally got it to work, but I think my solution is flawed. In 
ext_typoscript_setup.txt, there is the following line:

content =< plugin.tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1

When rlmp_eventdb is used with an FCE, tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1->main seems to be 
called about fifteen times during the rendering of the FCE. I think the 
problem I had previously was either because a memory or time limit in PHP was 
exceeded. main() is only called once if you insert the following in a 
TypoScript template. However, that is probably not a good idea since it was 
put there for a reason.

lib.tx_rlmpeventdb.singleView.content >

Has anyone experienced the same problem with rlmp_eventdb 1.0.4, when viewing 
an event with a FCE in single view mode?


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