[TYPO3] rlmp_eventdb where to subscribe to event?

Jacob Hammeken jacob at wildside.dk
Fri Mar 24 09:17:49 CET 2006

Hi Pablo.

> I tried the stuff with TV and it worked that I saw the detailed view.
> But when clicking on "Anmeldung" (Means booking for event) the site just
> reloads. Also when klicking on persons for this event. the site jsut
> reloads.

It is probably just a minor difference between our setups, as it works for me. 
What is the GET parameters of the Anmeldung URL? I get the following:


I have not modifed the rlmp_eventdb 1.0.4 source. Here is my TypoScript setup 
so far.

# rlmp_eventdb
lib.tx_rlmpeventdb.singleView {
   content >

   teasertext = USER
   teasertext {
      userFunc = tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1->userSingleViewGetField
      eventField = teasertext
      eventUid.data = GPvar:tx_rlmpeventdb_pi1|showUid

   pidList = 331
   singleView.pid = 332
   listView.limit = 3
   listView.showTodayMessage = 0
   registration.FEuserPid = 94

If that does not do it, I would first check the event, and then try to turn 
off RealURL.


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