[TYPO3] Need help moving a site from 3.8.1 to 4.0 RC1

Damien Bezborodow damo at palominoweb.com
Mon Mar 20 08:55:11 CET 2006

Gregory Remington wrote:
> Damien Bezborodow wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've developed a site on 3.8.1 and time has come to deploy. I've 
>> decided to deploy with 4.0 RC1. What is the best way to move a site 
>> from one installation to another? I've tried using export to t3d, but 
>> all I get is a blank page when viewing the site.
>> Can anybody recommend a tutorial or something for using t3d (or 
>> whatever else I should be using) across different versions?
> I found the easiest way is to do a fresh install (RC1) then dump the RC1 
> DB replace it with the the old 3.8.1 DB. After that run Tools > Install 
>  > Update Wizard and Database Analyser. Now run Tools > DB check.
> The last thing is to delete the following folders using shell in your 
> new install and replace them with the ones from your old install using 
> cp -r for filesadmin, typo3temp, typo3conf/ext and uploads.
> Greg

Thanks for your help! After this, I also had to reinstall extensions 
from typo3conf/ext to get things working. I ignored warnings from 
tt_news about my PHP version (too high - I'm using the latest PHP5 when 
it wants 5.0.4 or something) and Typo3 version (should be 3.8.1).

When doing the update wizard, I was forced to run it twice, so I'm not 
running in 3.8.1 compat mode as far as I can tell. Would there be 
anything to look out for such as problems with using 4.0 and extensions 
made for 3.8.1 or should it be smooth sailing from here?



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