[TYPO3] problem with links form RTE HTMLarea

Michael Nardell miken at inetworld.net
Fri Mar 17 20:58:59 CET 2006

Thanks Michael for your suggestion. Not sure I understand how it 
works... I am guessing that your TS Config would limit the functionality 
of the RTE. But it would not resolve the links already created. Did not 
give me the desired outcome

Here is the links that RTE has generated by default:

<a href="programs/products-services/financial-diagnostic.html" 
title="Opens internal link in current window" target="page" 

Which seems is causing the linked page to open in a new window. I have 
fixed this problem going back and manually setting the target field to 
_self. I would rather not have to do this... I guess another solution 
would be to make the default name of every page be "page" so that it is 
unnecessary to go back and force each link to target _self. Any 
suggestions would be great.

> The drastic response is to add the following to your root page TS  Config.
> # Remove link images and targets
> RTE.classesAnchor >
> RTE.classes >
> Michael
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> On Mar 15, 2006, at 13:01 , Michael Nardell wrote:
>> Greetings :: All of a suddend it seems that the rte HTMLarea tool has
>> been creating links that cause th browser to open links in a new  window.
>> The default settings seem to be set so that a new window would not  open:
>> target is  left blank
>> style is set to internal-link
>> Is there some setting that overrides this? Or has anyone ever observed
>> this kind of bug in the sytem. The way I have been fixing things is by
>> manually puttin a _self tag in the Target field. This is kind of a
>> hassle and now there are alot of content writers working with the  sytem.
>>   Am I going to need to go back and fix all there links with this  _self
>> setting?
>> Mike
>> Version information: Typo3 v4 with the latest version of the rte
>> HTMLarea tool.
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