[TYPO3] problem with links form RTE HTMLarea

Michael Cannon michael at cannonbose.com
Thu Mar 16 01:05:44 CET 2006

The drastic response is to add the following to your root page TS  

# Remove link images and targets
RTE.classesAnchor >
RTE.classes >


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On Mar 15, 2006, at 13:01 , Michael Nardell wrote:

> Greetings :: All of a suddend it seems that the rte HTMLarea tool has
> been creating links that cause th browser to open links in a new  
> window.
> The default settings seem to be set so that a new window would not  
> open:
> target is  left blank
> style is set to internal-link
> Is there some setting that overrides this? Or has anyone ever observed
> this kind of bug in the sytem. The way I have been fixing things is by
> manually puttin a _self tag in the Target field. This is kind of a
> hassle and now there are alot of content writers working with the  
> sytem.
>   Am I going to need to go back and fix all there links with this  
> _self
> setting?
> Mike
> Version information: Typo3 v4 with the latest version of the rte
> HTMLarea tool.
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