[TYPO3] FW: Show content from another page depending on user group

Helge Vad helge at mereteland.dk
Thu Mar 2 12:25:55 CET 2006

>foreward a page to two different pages, depending on who is logged in?
>Is there an extension for this? All I could find was redirects when
>people log on. But this scenario has users allready logged on...
Here is a couple of things I wonder if you have considered:
1) Different  menu/link generation based on usergroup
2) Different redirects based on usergroup.

In your TS template can use conditional template parsing:

[usergroup = group1-uid, group2-uid, ...]
   #setup for user belonging to group 1,2
  # else....

Could you utilize this in combination with either 1) your TS menu/link generation, or 2) Redirects defined in TS ?

Redirects TS something like:
page.headerData.5.value = <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=html-redirect.html">

>From example:

Best Helge Vad

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