[TYPO3] Sub-Templates?

Amir M. amir219 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 23 07:54:01 CEST 2006

JoH wrote:
>>>>Interesting.  It sounds simple, I will try this and hopefully it
>>>>  works. But may I ask, where is the "media" field for a page?
>>>>Sorry if this
>>>>is a noob question, but I've been looking and I can't find any such
>>>Well - if you edit the so called "page header" (In 4.0 it's "page
>>>properties" - the place where you edit the title of the page), you
>>>will find a section called "files".
>>>There you can upload a number of files.
>>>listNum = 0 indicates that it will be the first file in the list if
>>>you uploaded more than one file, so be sure to move the banner image
>>>to the top.
>>Hmm, yeah, I looked there probably 10 times and I see no "files"
>>section.  I am using 4.0 also.  Am I missing something?
> Did you notice that there is more than one page type? ;-)
> Try setting it to "advanced".
> If you definitely need another page type you can set it to advanced, upload
> your image file and the switch back the page type again. The file will still
> be available in the media field then.
> Joey

Ah found it!  Thank you!  So I put the TSCode in an Extension Template 
or in the TSConfig of the page?

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