[TYPO3] Sub-Templates?

Ryan Off ryan at ryanoff.com
Fri Jul 21 16:06:55 CEST 2006


I'm guessing you don't quite understand how to make sub-templates. Is  
that right? I've only done it once, so no pro either and I thought  
the documentation on it is not all that easy to follow. Here is my  
understanding of the process. You need to create another "Extension  
Template" for the top level page you want changed. This will  
propagate down to the sub-pages. The extension template inherits all  
of it's information from the main page template, so all you need to  
do is to specify what to change. Using TemplaVoila I hope it is quite  
easy to follow the rest. I did NOT use TemplaVoila before myself, but  
would have if I knew how to use it then. You may want your new  
template to simply include a new CSS file which defines the style  
with a new image. This should overwrite the previous one. Let us know  
how you solve this as I will be doing the same thing shortly on my  
new site.


On 22 Jul 2006, at 09:14, Amir M. wrote:

> The problem with your suggestion, Erik, is that if I had to change
> something to the general CSS style, I would have to go through  
> every CSS
> copy to make the changes.. which may be a hassle - no?  However, other
> then that concern, this does seem a bit more easy then the other
> alternatives.
> Bernd and Christopher, I am a little confused at your approaches.   
> Do I
> place that TS code in my current master template?  Do I have to do
> anything to my TemplaVoila settings, or the Data Structure or anything
> like that?  As Erik said, my banner is only defined in the CSS and the
> .html file.  I assume I would have to address it with TV, or no?
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