[TYPO3] menu and submenu not getting along

LarryB l34028836 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 21 13:21:15 CEST 2006

Hi Dmitry,

> So, what you expect? :) It is WYSIWYG: you mapped separate blocks and 
> got separate menus :) All perfectly correct.

Yeah, I didn't have too high hopes for the WYSIWYG being overly clever, 
but it was still a rude suprise when it disobeyed my intentions so 
vulgarly :)

> What you need is to have only lib.mainMenu and do all menu's (including 
> submenus) there. See ACT item state for this. What you want is to 
> render submenus only when your main menu item is in ACT state.

I'm sorry, but with my practically non-existent TYPO3 background, I 
have no idea what you just wrote. Not sure what an ACT state is, what 
the syntax for it is, or how I can render submenus. Perhaps if you can 
mock up some code, or point me towards a tutorial on it?

> This is bad. You should do it through TemplaVoila, not by TS.

I was looking for a CSS linking option in the TemplaVoila wizard, but 
couldn't find one? (So then I had to resort to this TS hack, of whose 
ill-effects I am blissfully unaware of. What's bad about it?)


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