[TYPO3] menu and submenu not getting along

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at accio.lv
Fri Jul 21 13:57:19 CEST 2006


LarryB wrote:
> I'm sorry, but with my practically non-existent TYPO3 background, I have 
> no idea what you just wrote. Not sure what an ACT state is, what the 
> syntax for it is, or how I can render submenus. Perhaps if you can mock 
> up some code, or point me towards a tutorial on it?

Each menu item can be in one of many states. Most known are NO and ACT. 
NO means normal (i.e. not active). ACT means active (current) - it is on 
a path to current page in the page tree. I.e.:

  Level 1
    Level 1.1
  Level 2
    Level 2.2

If you go to page "Level 1.1", ACT will be "Level 1" and "Level 1.1". 
Others will be NO.

You can have different settings for NO and ACT:

temp.menu = HMENU
temp.menu.1 = TMENU
# Line below enables NO menu items, not needed if you set *any*
# properties of NO
temp.menu.1.NO = 1
# Unlike NO, you must enable ACT!
temp.menu.1.ACT = 1
# Make current items bold
temp.menu.1.ACT.allWrap = <b>|</b>

Here ACT is made bold.

Nice feature of ACT is that it expands itself to submenu if submenu 
exists. But you need to define submenu:

# show submenus on the second level
temp.menu.2 < temp.menu.1

and so on for any level.

That's it :) Read more about menu properties in TSRef :)

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