[TYPO3] SPAM-LOW: Re: Typo3 vs other CMSs

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Wed Jul 12 23:18:13 CEST 2006

Hello Ryan,

>>> And most importantly, my least favorite part of Typo3, TEMPLATES!
>>> Why does Typo3 not have a gallery on the web where you can view
>>> templates and in one or two clicks have them apply to your
>>> installation?!!
>> Great! Create one! Why did not you do it? :)
> Thinking about it. But why has it not yet been done. It should be
> part of Typo3.org. If I was to create one, who is in charge of
> Typo3.org and how can we get it modified to have this?

It hasn't been done because the demand hasn't been there (high enough demand). 
I would never use ready made templates, and I wouldn't advice a newbie to 
use it. If you are going to learn TYPO3 it's necessary to learn the fundamentals 
of typoscript. Using a ready made template with Page TS, User TS, constant 
and setup wouldn't learn you typoscript. And not learning the basics of typoscript 
will get you in trouble later on.

And there are templates out there, search.

>>> And why is there no active Bullitin Board for Typo3.org???!!!  Much
>>> easier to use search through than a mailing list!!
>> Go to lists.netfielders.de and search!
> This should be at Typo3.org. And BB systems are easier to post
> comments to and keep track of strings of messages.

Use a newsreader!! news.netfielders.de. To me it's easier than any BB. Can 
have the mailinglists with me offline.

> I still don't quite get templavoila. It's easy for me to get started
> on it, but I'm struggling to make it work correctly. I think
> templavoila is getting close, although I still there should be a
> gallery of templates with one or two clicks to apply them to your
> site.

Webempowered Church has TV templates. But with TV you can use any free HTML 
and XHTML template out there.

Erik Svendsen

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