[TYPO3] SPAM-LOW: Re: Typo3 vs other CMSs

Ryan Off ryan at ryanoff.com
Wed Jul 12 22:37:09 CEST 2006

Thanks for the comments.. If I may rebuttal..

>> half ago and I still am wondering if it was a good idea. The  
>> amount of
>> time it has taken me to learn how to get the basic modules installed
>> (newsletter mailer, members area, document management, photo gallery,
>> news listings) and working has been tremendous.
> Hm, it is usally a couple of clicks in EM ;)

Once you have done it the first time. I have yet to be able to get  
any one extension to be working within 2-3 minutes (as you would be  
able to with mambo, etc).

>> Most of these modules
>> should all be a standard part of any CMS core functionality.
> I do not use most from your list and I am happy they are not in the  
> core :)

Don't you think it would be easier to at least have a version of  
Typo3 to download that has at least some of these modules installed  
and working for the newbie.

>> And most importantly, my least favorite part of Typo3, TEMPLATES! Why
>> does Typo3 not have a gallery on the web where you can view templates
>> and in one or two clicks have them apply to your installation?!!
> Great! Create one! Why did not you do it? :)

Thinking about it. But why has it not yet been done. It should be  
part of Typo3.org. If I was to create one, who is in charge of  
Typo3.org and how can we get it modified to have this?

>> And why is there no active Bullitin Board for Typo3.org???!!!  Much
>> easier to use search through than a mailing list!!
> Go to lists.netfielders.de and search!

This should be at Typo3.org. And BB systems are easier to post  
comments to and keep track of strings of messages.

>> each extensions takes a few hours to understand, learn
>> how to install it, and build the necessary structure in Typo3 to  
>> handle
>> the extension.
> Disagree. There some extensions that needs learning but noone with  
> basic
> skills will spend hours learning, for example, mininews.

Fair enough, but for tt_news, tt_products, gallery, templavoila, font  
end users, etc.. If you were new to Typo3, do you think you could  
figure out how to install these extensions quickly. From the amount  
of questions on this list from newbies, it is incredible how much  
trouble people have getting the basics working.

>> Another major Typo3 problem is bugs. I have found a tremendous  
>> amount of
>> them in all sorts of extensions. Hopefully by Typo3 7.0 it will be  
>> ready
>> for the masses, but as is, get ready for a lot of learning and a  
>> lot of
>> the Typo3 community pointing your to go back and re-read the
>> over-elaborate and complex documents on Templating and Typoscript.
> Do not mix typo3 core with extensions. Core is developed by a  
> dedicated
> team and have a very good quality control. Extension can be  
> developed by
> anyone and correctness of its code depends only on the author.

Great point about the coding and bugs. I suppose my point is that I  
think the core should include the main extensions (with of course the  
ability to not turn them on) and they should have less bugs and be  
more clearly and more concisely documented.

> For example, I know that I can trust anything that has sr_ or kb_  
> prefixes.
>> For the next few
>> versions, I would love to see a new fresh look at templates
> Use templavoila, it is available for 1.5 years already!

I still don't quite get templavoila. It's easy for me to get started  
on it, but I'm struggling to make it work correctly. I think  
templavoila is getting close, although I still there should be a  
gallery of templates with one or two clicks to apply them to your site.

Thank you for the comments. Unfortunately I still feel that Typo3  
just needs a little on the simplicity is power side.. I see that  
experienced Typo3 users tend to think that Typo3 is so  
straightforward and easy to use, but for newbies it is hard to grasp  
the interactions between templates, typoscript, pages and extensions.

Thanks again all of you working with Typo3.

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