[TYPO3] org-site's extension search issues

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Wed Jul 12 04:17:42 CEST 2006


Very humbly (and with Big respect for all you developing guys) I would 
like to bring out a few things about the extensions section in 
typo3.org. I suppose these things would be in the todolists already (and 
I apologize the annoyance of being obvious) but in case anyway:

- the search doesn't work quite as one would expect: for example 
searching with the word "search" or "indexed" doesn't bring the indexed 
search plugin at all in the results, which is naturally quite strange.

- alphabetical full list of extensions is great but I dare say I'm not 
the only one missing the differentiated lists like be, be modules, 
plugins... Or have I missed something very obvious somewhere? The 
plugin's official name doesn't stick in mind always.

Many times I find myself crawling the whole list one by one when trying 
to find something new or special because of the lack of trust for the 
search engine in typo3.org - BTW I have no idea what the "Advanced 
search" stands for there..?

Anyway - I love the new TER while using it from be! And again I'm sure 
I'm not alone in that opinion, it's great how easy and efficient to use 
it is.

Maybe a donation or sponsorship focusing system would be useful in the 
org site; system where the users of this great cms could give their 
money - more or less - focused and easily to what they see important. 
And naturally this would only be a guiding light to the developers :)


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