[TYPO3] Install.txt file instructions

Bee Choo Tee beechoo.tee at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 00:41:51 CEST 2006

Hey Dmitry,

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

Why did you do this? Did you try reading installation instructions? If
you are not ready to read manuals, you will not get anywhere with typo3.


I only joined this list 2 days ago and am a total newbie.

BTW, I did read the instructions in the install.txt file - that's what it
said to do in Step 4? The same instructions are given in both
install.txtfiles in the untarred
dummy-4.0 and typo3_src-4.0 folders. See copied and pasted text below.

Any further help appreciated. Thanks.

Bee Choo

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1 Get the TYPO3 source package and the TYPO3 dummy package.

2 Copy the archives to the web root of your server.

(Debian default is /var/www/, SuSE default is /srv/www/)

3 Unpack the archives:

$ tar xzf typo3_src-<version>.tar.gz

$ tar xfz dummy-<version>.tar.gz

4 Rename the dummy-<version> directory to fit your needs and make sure it

is accessible by your webserver (for example by creating a virtual

host). We assume you rename the directory to cms:

$ mv dummy-<version> cms

5 Set permissions (as root): There are at least two options.

These steps will make four directories writable for the webserver:

- cms/fileadmin/

- cms/typo3conf/

- cms/typo3temp/

- cms/uploads/

5.a (recommended)

Run these commands as root in the cms/ directory:

# chgrp -R <wwwserver> fileadmin typo3conf typo3temp uploads

# chmod -R g+w,o-rwx fileadmin typo3conf typo3temp uploads

... where <wwwserver> is the name of the group your webserver

is running as

5.b (insecure but easy to apply)

I repeat: This is insecure!

Do not use this method if you are working on a shared server!

Simply run this command:

$ chmod -R a+w fileadmin typo3conf typo3temp uploads

6 Check the symlink cms/typo3_src and make sure it points to the source


(See above: "Newbie information about the TYPO3 filesystem structure")

7 In your browser, visit


8 Follow the instructions in the 1-2-3 install tool

9 From this point, you can access the backend through


with the username "admin" and password "password".

That's it :-)
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