[TYPO3] shop system - tt_products - Help!

Franz Holzinger franz at fholzinger.com
Sun Feb 26 23:38:26 CET 2006


> What is also weird, when I look at My Shop Web Page module I see
> Plugin: Products
> so there is no CODE given!! I was trying to type it in using Web List
> module and then choosing to edit CODE field, but it didn't help.
> Frontend is still empty!

The CODE field only appears on older versions of tt_products.
You should update to the latest version of fh_library, table library and
tt_products from the Online Extension Repository.

The flexform with the Display Mode should be used instead of the
deprecated CODE field.

> I also tried to follow the ideas presented in
> http://tt-products.zedwoo.de/index.php?id=22 but it also led me to nowhere.
You can export the page from here and import it to your site.

> I also tried replacing tt_products by zk_products - also no visible effect.



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