[TYPO3] Two FE Users at once?

Helge Vad helge at mereteland.dk
Fri Feb 24 15:11:34 CET 2006

> - a tree of protected pages that require a valid FE
> user
> - within that tree, a CHC Forum that requires
> registration
I'm not sure about the community addition to  CHC forum, but as long as you are only using the forum,  isn't this by default based
on ordinary typo3 fe users ?  Then the usual page/group access rules would apply as to how pages views are restricted for fe users.
On the next level - within the chc extension - (List tool or Web tool CHC forum) you are allowed to create 'Forum Groups', but those
groups are also based on ordinary typo3 fe users and fe groups. That means that you only need one login - both to access given Typo3
pages and later to gain certian forum-user rights within the forum itself.

Best Helge Vad

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