[TYPO3] Two FE Users at once?

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Fri Feb 24 15:14:52 CET 2006

Gutfeldt Matthias schrieb:
> I know, it sounds ludicrous... but I have a setup
> where we have 
> - a tree of protected pages that require a valid FE
> user
> - within that tree, a CHC Forum that requires
> registration
> So first you're supposed to login to get access to the
> pages; and then you're supposed to login at the Forum
> to be allowed to write in the Forum. 
> The fun part here is that the first login username /
> password combination is the same for every user, while
> the second should be a personal login.
> This is either impossible or so obvious that I just
> can't see the solution.If someone could just gently
> nudge me in the right direction? Thanks :-).
> Matthias

pid for fe_user different.
1) Login to first pid only visible if NON is logged in
2) 2nd login only visible for common group i.e. after first login, this 
goes to a different pid

Clear? Should work.

Regs. Peter.

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