[TYPO3] htmlArea RTE - how to add paragraph types in the para graph type s elector?

Jody Cleveland Cleveland at winnefox.org
Fri Feb 24 00:05:59 CET 2006


Thanks for taking the time to help me with this!

> you need a css-file that defines your classes (has nothing to do with 
> output css-file!).
> You have to embed it like this:
> RTE.default {
>    useCSS = 1
>    contentCSS = fileadmin/gestaltung/oe_rte_css.css
>    classesParagraph = mainBodyText, header2
> }

Ok, I added that to the root page TSConfig:
RTE.default {
   useCSS = 1
   contentCSS = fileadmin/templates/homepage/res/oe_rte_css.css
   classesParagraph = mainBodyText, header2
RTE.config.tt_content.bodytext.proc.allowedClasses =

> you hve to have the same classes in that file as in line " 
> classesParagraph = mainBodyText, header2"

I created a css file called oe_rte_css.css in the spot specified in the
above part. I have this in that css file:
.mainBodyText {
	font-size: 10px;
        color: green;
.header2 {
	font-size: 20px;
        color: yellow;

> Also you have to clear all the caches, including the caches of your 
> Browser(!) or it won't work

I cleared all caches, but still doesn't work. Any other ideas? Does this
only work with specific versions of the htmlArea RTE?

- jody

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