[TYPO3] Page comments ext problem

Amiran Chyb amiran.chyb at stopspam.gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 11:01:09 CET 2006

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 14:28:34 -0500, Dmitry Dulepov <typo3 at fm-world.ru>  

> Hi!
> Amiran Chyb wrote:
>> 2)when comment is added "page is being generated" appears, which I don't
>> think is necessary in case of such simle underlying functionality (btw.
>> is it standard Typo page? where can I change this text?)
> This is a standard feature of typo3 and typo3 does it when it needs to.
> Basically, it means that actual content generation is not yet completed
> for the page (or was aborted for some reason).
>> 3) (the worst one) after submitting the comment in the form nothing
>> happens - till I refresh the page with F5 (and agree to resend POST
>> data) - only then the comment is added to db.
> Probably 2 and 3 are related...

I think my description might have not be accurate. When I hit 'submit'  
really _nothing_ happens, ie. page quickly realoads without any change  
(and url doesn't change either) - only after hitting f5 in opera or  
ctrl+f5 in firefox (cache clearing) GET vars of extension are added to url  
and abovementioned message appears (page is being generated) and after  
it's gone the comment is added. so it looks like a separate problem.

the behaviour can be observed here, on the bottom of the page:


actually I completely don't get it - how is it possible, that when I hit  
submit page reloads, and url doesn't change, and only after refresh with  
cache clearing the url changes? if it was cache only-issue wouldn't it  
look like that: I hit submit, it changes the URL (adds GET vars) and  
despite changed url page content doesn't change since it's loaded from  

thank you

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