[TYPO3] Page comments ext problem

Amiran Chyb amiran.chyb at stopspam.gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 21:30:01 CET 2006

>> 2)when comment is added "page is being generated" appears, which I don't
> Basically, it means that actual content generation is not yet completed
> for the page (or was aborted for some reason).
>> 3) (the worst one) after submitting the comment in the form nothing
>> happens - till I refresh the page with F5 (and agree to resend POST
>> data) - only then the comment is added to db.
> Probably 2 and 3 are related...

thanks. I think the problem may be cache related - to be exact hitting f5  
doesn't change anything (including url in browser adress bar) - I have to  
strike ctrl + f5 (in firefox - reload completely with omitting the browser  
cache) to get different url (with GET vars in it) and 'Page is being  
generated' info page. can I prevent browser from caching the page? I think  
I've seen it somewhere. But would that mean that I should turn off caching  
on each page with comments below? or can I only send this 'nocache'  
message after submitting the comment?

and one more general thought - I think such commenting system  
functionality is quite basic - isn't there any proven solution? something  
that would work well as typo3.org annotations (btw. is there any way to  
make them publicly available?)


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