[TYPO3] 3.80 -> 4.beta3 upgrade

Christopher bedlamhotel at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 05:34:59 CET 2006


On 2/17/06, GreenNinja <darren at removegreenninja.co.uk> wrote:
> Ahh, no it was missing.
> I removed (renamed actually :) ) the original 3.8 folders and copied the new
> 4.0b3 ones but forgot the files from the dummy package as well.
> I copied these over but this didn't work either so I tried keeping the
> original fileadmin, typo3conf etc but received errors with this set-up as
> well so I have now just gone back to my working 3.80 installation.
> Is it worth overwriting the existing installaion with the new or would this
> also cause problems?
> This worked okay (I think) with previous upgrades.

This sounds like a fairly bizarre upgrade path you've tried to follow.
Nothing in particular is different about the new beta--some extension
incompatibilities notwithstanding. You ONLY need to change the files
in the source--your particular install's config files are NOT part of
the source, and I don't think there's any reason to update a dummy
install with newer dummy package--not sure though since I've never
used any of the dummy packages.

Here's how I did an _upgrade_ via ssh (assumes the typo3 source
resides in /home/foo/bin/ and the public site resides in
/home/foo/public_html/ AND that you've BACKED UP your database!):

# go to the directory where you keep the T3 source:
cd /home/foo/bin
# get the new source package (note: you should probably choose a new
mirror from sourceforge if you're not on the North American west
curl -o typo3_src-4.0beta3.tar.gz

# extract the files:
tar -xzpvf typo3_src-4.0beta3.tar.gz

# remove the existing symlink (which is in /home/foo/bin/):
rm typo3_src

# symlink to the new directory:
ln -s typo3_src-4.0beta3 typo3_src

# remove the previous source (you shouldn't just discard the source on
a production site, but you're not going to install a beta on a
production site are you? ;-))
rm -R typo3_src-4.0beta2

# change directories to the webroot:
cd ../public_html

# remove the index.php and showpic.php symlinks which have both
changed; also, remove the tslib symlink since it's no longer needed:
rm tslib index.php showpic.php

# create new index.php and showpic.php symlinks:
ln -s ../typo3_src/index.php index.php
ln -s ../typo3_src/showpic.php showpic.php

# open the install tool and remove the comment that deativates it:
vi typo3/install/index.php

[ ... changes to file ... ]

# quit vi:

That's IT for the files--why would you want to remove localconf.php?

Now, for the database changes, hit the install tool at
http://domain.tld/typo3/install/ and go directly to the Database
Analyzer section and click 'Compare'. Check the boxes where you want
the tool to proceed to make db changes and click the button to make
changes to localconf.php.

That's it.


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