[TYPO3] built-in search module

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 17 13:58:24 CET 2006


>  > Sorry you message does not comply with mailing list rules:
> hmm, i thought i'm writing to a newsgroup?..

We still have rules as to how we would like users to conduct themselves. 
  Please read them on typo3.org.  You will find that many of the people 
here who hold the answers *wont* help you if you dont abide by the rules 
- newsgroup or not!

>  > your e-mail
>  > address is fake
> corrected. email works [if you rewrite it - entered "spam-unfriendly"]

thank you.

> to be more precise - as far as i know the netiquette - don't you think 
> you should answer _under_ my post?

ummm he did.

>  >>- search opens a new browser window [how can i target to "_self"?]
>  >>- search results are inserted into my narrow - left column [how can i
>  >>insert them into main column? any marks to enter?]
>  >>
>  >>maybe some links to read about it?
>  >>typo3 doc didn't help me.. or maybe i can't define what to look for..
> now, would you be so kind and try to help me solve my problem?

The opening in anew window is a setting in your template constants, easy 
to find where/how to change it and there are lots of posts about it in 
the list archives on typo3.org

results being inserted into the column - thats because the form is in 
that column.  What i tend to do is create the working search on a page 
in the certer column and then copy the html into my template (in your 
case the left column) and have it submit to the page with the full form. 
  that way the correct working form appears on every page, but submits 
and displays properly on one selected page in the site. (index search 
should return lots of help in the archives,a nd there is documentation 
for it also)

Also as a word of caution, i would use index search as opposed to simple 
search.  In my experience we have had heavy server load for searches 
using the simple search. this is especally true if its a large site.



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