[TYPO3] built-in search module

Piotr B. piotr at [cut-that-please]tlen.pl
Fri Feb 17 13:42:12 CET 2006

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

 > Sorry you message does not comply with mailing list rules:

hmm, i thought i'm writing to a newsgroup?..

 > your e-mail
 > address is fake

corrected. email works [if you rewrite it - entered "spam-unfriendly"]

 > and real name is missing.
 > Dmitry.

what's wrong with my name? my name is piotr, i don't think that my 
lastname is needed here.. as i can see, some people are using nicknames 
[working with other newsgroups - i used to write nick too], last time i 
wrote here, nobody was offended by my way of posting.

to be more precise - as far as i know the netiquette - don't you think 
you should answer _under_ my post? ;) please don't learn me, if you are 
making mistakes :)

 >>- search opens a new browser window [how can i target to "_self"?]
 >>- search results are inserted into my narrow - left column [how can i
 >>insert them into main column? any marks to enter?]
 >>maybe some links to read about it?
 >>typo3 doc didn't help me.. or maybe i can't define what to look for..

now, would you be so kind and try to help me solve my problem?


piotr b.

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