[TYPO3] Setting template accessible constants from within Page TSconfig

Joerg Wagner jwagner at digilog.de
Mon Feb 6 15:31:36 CET 2006

Hi Dmitry,

> Why do you use TSConfig? Why not extension template and constants there?

thanks for your reply. Yes that would work.

But I still would prefer TSconfig because that way I could hold together all 
needed surplus information in one form in the backend (I also need an image 
resource per page which can also be handled by the page properties form of 
an "Advanced" page type).

I have to say that I am constantly fighting the fact that Typo3 tends to 
spread information over so many locations that I often search for the right 
form to change some settings or to add a new page with all the information 
that this page type needs. Especially when it has been some time since I 
worked last in some older T3 project.

Is the way I was trying to do it not working any more? Or did I do something 

Jorg Wagner
DigiLog multimedia 

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