[TYPO3] Setting template accessible constants from within Page TSconfig

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Mon Feb 6 10:51:03 CET 2006


Joerg Wagner - DigiLog multimedia wrote:
> I am trying to set some constants on a per page basis in the backend that 
> later should be used in the frontend to change the rendering of certain 
> pages.
> According to doc_core_tsconfig 
> (manual-doc_core_tsconfig-03-06-2004_10-41-18.pdf,   see very last page)  I 
> could do this by switching a page to Type "Advanced" and then entering 
> something in the TSconfig field like...
>     TSFE.constants.subNav.txt = gaga banane
> This should define a constant available to the template TS of the page using 
> the construct...
>     {$subNav.txt}
> But it does not.
> Also the TS Object Browser does not show the object under Constants Root as 
> described and shown in the last page of  doc_core_tsconfig. The node 
> "subNav" just does not show up there.

Why do you use TSConfig? Why not extension template and constants there?


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