[TYPO3] // Show disable RTE checkbox

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Sun Feb 5 18:34:48 CET 2006

S. Teuber wrote:
> Hi,
>>In the source code is
>>// Show disable RTE checkbox:
>>          if ($BE_USER->isRTE())     {
>>The problem is that it doesn't disable the checkbox.
>>IMO this should have option
>>to hide the option iself
>>I didn't find that option - if so that must add and make a bug report.
>>Or is there somwhere else possibility to disable that option - at least
>>typo3 4.0 beta2 doesn't have option to disable this checkbox
> The best approach to hiding any field in any TCEform - including the 
> "disable RTE" checkbox - is making that field an "enableField" in the TCA, 
> isn't it? You don't even need to modify the core to do that, since you can 
> alter the TCA for tt_content in any extension.

can I do that without touching the source code of those extensions

Which plugin defines 'disable RTE'?

> I'd like to see this field becoming an enableField by default in any of the 
> next releases of TYPO3, however. :-)

Agreed! But at this moment it isn't - I tested Typo3 4.0 Beta2.

if that can be done using TypoScript could you give the script?

Another TCA issue was that
'Header' has few pallette option, which are *not* in the

Allowed excludefields:


I would like to leave in the pallette *only* 'Type:'
and exclude all other fields for some users.

I would like at some way add also 'Aling' 'Link' and 'Date' 
intoenableField-list in order to exclude them using

'Allowed excludefields:'

RealUrl had one field, which I couldn't remove
(path segment).

I want to exclude all unnecessary fields from newbee users.

Could you please and and answer by puttin the necessary TypoScript, please.

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