[TYPO3] // Show disable RTE checkbox

S. Teuber traveler_in_time at gmx.net
Sun Feb 5 21:34:44 CET 2006

Hi tapio,

>> The best approach to hiding any field in any TCEform - including the 
>> "disable RTE" checkbox - is making that field an "enableField" in the
>> TCA, isn't it? You don't even need to modify the core to do that,
>> since you can alter the TCA for tt_content in any extension.
> can I do that without touching the source code of those extensions

Yes, of course. The TCA-Options which are set in the core can be over-... 
uhm. overrided? - can be altered by any extension. TCA options that are 
set in an extension, however, can only be altered by extensions that are 
included AFTER the original extension. The order of the inclusion is, as 
far as I remeber, set in localconf.php in the 'ext_list'-Key of the 

Just loadTCA('tt_content'), debug($TCA['tt_content']) and search for the 
field in question. Override it by setting the new value in the array.

By the way, it just occured to me that there are TWO checkboxes to 
disable the RTE in the backend. I am speaking of the checkbox that's 
located right below the RTE itself in the TCEform.

The other box, which is located *beneath* the form, just below the option 
"Show field descriptions", is a completly different story, I guess...

Why do we need two similar checkboxes in two different places anyway?

> if that can be done using TypoScript could you give the script?

For the field that's located in the actual form, it can be done by PHP in 
the ext_localconf.php file of any extension.

> Another TCA issue was that
> 'Header' has few pallette option, which are *not* in the
> Allowed excludefields: list
> I would like at some way add also 'Aling' 'Link' and 'Date' 
> intoenableField-list in order to exclude them using

This can be done as described above, since those are all fields in an 

> I want to exclude all unnecessary fields from newbee users.

Who doesn't? ;-)

> Could you please and and answer by puttin the necessary TypoScript,
> please. 

As I said, no TS, but PHP. I guess you know how to set up a minimal 
extension and how to set values in an array, so you can take it from 



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