[TYPO3] Extracting the second UID from the rootline

Joerg Wagner - DigiLog multimedia usenet at digilog.de
Sat Feb 4 19:30:45 CET 2006

Hi Patrick!

> if I do understand you right, you don't need a HMENU using the special
> property but something like this:
> 10 = HMENU
> 10.entryLevel = 1
> This will display only pages from the level 1 in the active rootline.
> Have a look in the TSRef as well to see the different properties of
> HMENU and CO. [1]

Thanks for your reply. I actually wouldn't dare to post here before looking 
into TSref!  ;o)

Reviewing my posting I saw that I made an error. Your solution is correct 
for the problem I described, but what I need is an output like this:


In words:  it should include the topmost item (MenuitemA) but not the 
siblings of that item (MenuitemB, C).

Using an approach with...
   10 = HMENU
   10.special = directory
   10.special.value = {first UID in rootline}
would do exactly that. But as I said, I can't find out how to extract one 
given UID (e.g. the first or second or third UID) from the rootline and us 
it as a value for a property in TS.
Is there any way to do this?!?

Sorry again for my faulty description in the first posting. I tried to 
simplify the problem description and overdid it.

Jörg Wagner
DigiLog multimedia 

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