[TYPO3] trying to use jeditvfs but unable to log into typo3 backend

oneilch oneilch at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 22:30:36 CEST 2006

I am getting the following message when trying to
to my typo3 backend from jedit configured with the
typoscript plugin.

Error message:
If you get this failure and are using an exotic
authentication scheme, please contact the developer of
this plug-in to report a bug
Server said: Backend authentication failed

Does anybody have any ideas as to how to trouble shot
this issue? Maybe I need to modify typo3 or my server

I can login perfectly into my typo3 backend so i know
the username and password are correct.

I am using:
typo3 4.0 final
jeditvfs 1.0.3
xmlrpc_lib 1.0.0
jedit 4.3pre3
typoscript plugin

php 5.1.2
mysql 4

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