[TYPO3] Can any of Typo3 shop extensions do this?

Arsen uhu at mail.com
Thu Apr 13 21:34:24 CEST 2006


May I ask a very simple question about typo3 shop extensions:

Is it possible (by using any out-of-the-box extension) to list all 
products with an ADDITIONAL DETAILS, for e.g.:

"Product picture - product name - detail_1 - detail_2 - detail_3 - ... - 
availability/stock - price"

Also, is it possible that the user/visitor could arrange this product 
list by: detail_1, detail_2, price, name etc?

The documentation of tt_products extension says: "Product listings with 
multiple images and details", but I do not know exactly what this means 
before I install typo3.

Thank you very much for the comments in advance.

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