[TYPO3] trying to use jeditvfs but unable to log into typo3 backend

Neil Bertram neil at tasmanstudios.co.nz
Sat Apr 15 02:21:38 CEST 2006


I'm the developer of the jeditvfs plugin, so I'm probably the one to ask :)

Could you please provide me a list of extensions you have loaded? Also, 
there are known problems with character encoding in the current version, 
so if your password contains characters outside of the ASCII range 
authentication would probably fail.

The only authentication scheme that seems to always work is be_user 
lookup, although jeditvfs tries to use the authentication service, so 
should support LDAP etc. Are you using normal be_user authentication?



oneilch wrote:
> I am getting the following message when trying to
> connect
> to my typo3 backend from jedit configured with the
> typoscript plugin.
> Error message:
> If you get this failure and are using an exotic
> authentication scheme, please contact the developer of
> this plug-in to report a bug
> Server said: Backend authentication failed
> Does anybody have any ideas as to how to trouble shot
> this issue? Maybe I need to modify typo3 or my server
> configurations.
> I can login perfectly into my typo3 backend so i know
> the username and password are correct.
> I am using:
> ============
> typo3 4.0 final
> jeditvfs 1.0.3
> xmlrpc_lib 1.0.0
> jedit 4.3pre3
> typoscript plugin
> php 5.1.2
> mysql 4

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