[TYPO3] realurl: exclude root page fromgenerated path

Axel Jindra a.jindra at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 21:48:19 CEST 2006

Christopher wrote:
> This answer doesn't directly deal with the RealURL issue, so feel free
> to ignore it ;-)

I do not, and thanks for your concern :-)

> The method you've used (which requires you to have a root page in the
> page tree which is not the root of any website), is not the only way
> of sharing setup / content information between sites. Depending on how
> huge / old your site is, you could probably solve the Realurl problem
> by adjusting your page structure.

I have done so but am quite unhappy with it. Besides of the PageTS thing 
(which I'll explain below) this way users can't select a specific domain 
to search in anymore in the extended search form's section drop down 
field which was possible with the old structure.

> On a multidomain site, I usually use several sysfolders in this arrangement:
> +-- TS Library
>      +-- Site A
>      +-- Site B
> -- The TS library folder contains all common TS info (e.g. the CONFIG
> object settings, maybe some generic plugin settings etc).
> -- Each of Site A, Site B, and Site C folders contains TS info
> specific to that domain.
> On the same site I would have this arrangement of top level pages:
> +-- Site A
>      +-- TS Template A
> +-- Site B
>      +-- TS Template B
> -- Each of the Site A, Site B and Site C pages is at treelevel 0
> -- Each of TS Template A, TS Template B, and TS Template C contains
> only a very minimal amount of TS in the setup field--for example, they
> might simply have the basic TV rendering code:
> ...and usually, any specific-to-the-current-site TS for extensions,
> content-rendering etc. So, in other words, there is very little TS
> actually in the setup field for any given site, but each of these
> rootlevel templates makes extensive use of the 'Include basis
> template' field to include TS from the TS Library, Site A, Site B and
> Site C sysfolders.

I do it just this way, because the site will consist of at least 20 
subdomains, but there is ONE question left: Where do I place
TCEMAIN.permissions {
	groupid = 23
	user = 31
	group = 31
	everybody = 1
TCEFORM.pages.alias.disabled = 1
TCEFORM.tt_content.header_layout.removeItems = 1,2,3,4,5
RTE.default.defaultLinkTarget =

and the whole rest of the RTE's configuration? I did not try but I 
believe it HAS to be put in PageTS entries within the branches?


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