[TYPO3] 3 severe problems after updating from 3.8.1 to 4.0.0; 1) no direct mail 2) no RTE at all anymore 3) indexed_search and many others not in TER

Alexander Schories alexander at schories.com
Sat Apr 8 10:52:52 CEST 2006

Dear list,

after updating from a wonderfull running 3.8.1 to 4.0.0 i am experiencing
truly heavy trouble i never had before with typo3:

1) no direct mail, tt_address

The site offers newsletter subscription based on direct mail. This just
don`t work at all anymore:

- the extensions direct_mail and tt_address are NOT listed in TER anymore!
They just gone! Why? How?

- opening the frontend newsletter subscription page now outputs: "Wrong
table: tt_address"

2) no RTE

One of the reasons for updating was to have ONE RTE for all. On 3.8.1 i had
the standard RTE running for those IE-Users and rtehtmlarea as RTE for
Mozilla-Users. So before updating to 4.0.0 i even uninstalled (deactivated)
rtehtmlarea in the backend.

- but NOW, after updating 4.0.0 the site has NO RTE at all! Neither in IE
nor in Mozilla! Why? What have i done wrong?

3) TER - only a few extensions

After updating to 4.0.0 i was shocked: The long long list in TER, with
hundreds of availabe extensions online, is now very short! Too short, as i

- but NOW, 4.0.0 shows me many of my favourite extensions marked in red
color and ONLY under "Extensions found only on this server", e.g.
indexed_search, tt_news, just to name a few!

I am using Typo3 since 3.6.0. I developed (and updated all the time within)
a dozen complex sites. I thought, i knew how things work - however, i feel
completely lost now. :|

What`s wrong? Where is my mistake? I updated the site as usual:

- within the INSTALL TOOL: launched the "Database Analyser" and COMPAREd and
IMPORTed tables as stated in Kasper`s manual.

- again within the INSTALL TOOL: launched the "Update Wizard" and agreed the

- within DB TOOLS: created a reference index

Your help is *very* welcome!!

Kind Regards

Alexander Schories
Tuebingen, Germany

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