[TYPO3] fe_rtenews does not work on 4.0 (maybe a rtehtmlarea issue)

Claudio claudio.strizzolo at ru.bbishts.infn.it
Fri Apr 7 12:11:13 CEST 2006

Hi all,
I just tried to use the fe_rtenews extension I had on my old 3.8.1
site on the just released Typo3 4.0 version. 
Unluckily it does not work: the RTE textbox just shows a message 
saying that the editor is being loaded, but it does not get 
loaded at all. The message is surely a rtehtmlarea warning (I
found it in the rtehtmlarea code), therefore I suspect that the 
problem is somehow related to rtehtmlarea more than fe_rtenews 
Any hints?
Thanks in advance


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