[TYPO3] How to use gather news recursively in a RSS feed using tt_news?

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira ricardo at tdwg.org
Fri Apr 7 14:11:45 CEST 2006

    Hi folks,

    I have the following problem, and I hope somebody can help me out.

    I've set up tt_news to provide an RSS news feed in my Typo3 website, 
following the instructions from the tt_news manual 
No problem there.

    However, my website is set up so it gathers all the news records 
available on the sub-pages and display them on the homepage. I do that 
by setting the Startingpoint of the tt_news plugin (on the homepage) to 
the homepage and "recursive" to infinite. How can I do the same (i.e., 
gather news items recursively) in my RSS feed?

    I have tried to add the following TypoScript to both the website 
template record and to the TSConfig section of the page where I want to 
get the RSS from and it didn't work.

plugin.tt_news.pid_list = 333
plugin.tt_news.recursive = 100

    The pid_list part only works when I put it on the template record. 
The recursive part doesn't work at all for RSS.

    In case you are wondering, I am RTMs (reading the manuals) right 
now, but no joy so far:


    <whining>I find it a little hard to understand how sample TypoScript 
works because often people just present the code but didn't say where to 
put it.</whining>

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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