[TYPO3] tt_products: How to set PIDitemDisplay to current page?

Jacob Bro Olesen typo3 at optur.dk
Wed Apr 5 21:42:28 CEST 2006


I am new to typo3 so bear with me if my question seems silly:

Is it possible to set the PIDitemDisplay to the current page?

My setup:
I am configuring a small e-commerce site with the Shop extension
tt_products (2.4.9) and Typo3 3.8.1.

I don't use categories, but I have different pages displaying
different product lists all using the same template.

Now this works fine with list views. But Single product views defaults
to a fixed PID ($row["pid"] i guess) that goes in the product url

I know I can configure this PID with the PIDitemDisplay option. But I
would really like the single products to be shown on the current
page(es) of the list(s) instead of one generic page, since that would
prevent my menu position from changing in single display.

Does this make sense? I hope someone can give me a hint it will be
greatly appreciated.

best regards - Jacob

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