[TYPO3] Paypal not returning values to Webformat shop

Mauro Lorenzutti mauro.lorenzutti at webformat.com
Tue Apr 4 09:10:38 CEST 2006

Hi Nancy,

when Paypal returns to the mercant site, the url must contain the
variable 'item_name'. I don't know if the gateway doesn't return this
variable too.
You can try to define a personal return code like this:

50.return =

And then modify the line 165 of the file class.tx_extendedshop_pi.php

$returnPP = t3lib_div::_GP("item_name");


$returnPP = t3lib_div::_GP("paypalpayment");

In this way, when paypal returns, it brings this variable and then the
shop extension can choose the correct page.

I hope this will solve the problem, if not I'm at your disposal for
more help.

 Mauro Lorenzutti

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> Hi Mauro,

> When PayPal returns it goes back to the basket page.  The products are still
> listed there.

> See the following screenshots for more explanation:

> 1.  A visitor orders a product and adds it to their basket.  In this case,
> it's just $1.00 worth of gift wrapping.
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot1.htm

> 2.  Then they proceed to fill in there personal information and choose a
> payment method:
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot2.htm
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot3.htm
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot4.htm

> 3.  Once the visitor pays using PayPal, they are asked to return to the
> merchant site
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot5.htm

> 4.  When they return to the site, they are back at the basket page.  No
> order has been created in the back end, and no email notification from the
> web site has been sent to either the buyer or the merchant.  (The buyer and
> seller do, however, receive notification from PayPal.)
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot6.htm

> The merchant receives a notification that someone purchased something but
> there is no record of the order, which causes much confusion.

> When a visitor uses either of the other two payment methods, (direct deposit
> or cheque) everything works fine.  They are then presented with an Order
> Completed.  See screenshot below for an example.
> http://www.shieldwebdesign.com/screenshot7.htm

> Why is no order created in the TYPO3 backend?
> Which preferences should be set inside of PayPal in order for this to work?
> Which input fields in the HTML template are being used and which ones need
> to stay the same.

> We have followed through the logic in the scripts and find that PayPal
> should be sending something back.  But what?  And what happens at the basket
> at the point of return to make it record the new order in the table?

> I hope this makes more sense.  Thanks again for your help.

> shielsn

> "Mauro Lorenzutti" <mauro.lorenzutti at webformat.com> wrote in message
> news:mailman.20723.1144048629.3122.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
>> Hi Shielsn,
>>> 1.  Yes, it returns to the basket products list - I'm not sure if the
>>> return
>>> page should be configured in the TS or through PayPal preferences.  Was
>>> the
>>> TS meant to over ride the PayPal preference settings or is it the other
>>> way
>>> around?
>> It's enough to configure the return url via TS.
>>> 2.  How can I find out if the client cookie is cleaned?
>> When paypal returns to the basket page, the basket is empty or
>> presents the products put in?
>>> 3.  Here is the TS config of PayPal
>>>     # PayPal
>>>     50.title = PayPal credit account payment
>>>     50.image.file =
>>> fileadmin/templates/extendedshop/pi1/paypal.gif
>>>     # PayPal Data
>>>     50.bankcode = paypal
>>>     50.UICCODE = AUD
>>>     50.ShopLogin = xxxx at xxxx.com
>>>     50.bankname = PayPal
>>>     50.banklink = www.paypal.com
>>>     50.return = http://www.redcurrant.com.au/index.php?id=36
>>>     50.paylink =
>>> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&upload=1
>> It seems to be all ok...
>> I don't try the payment on your site so I can't see the behaviour of
>> the paypal gateway. Does the payment works correctly (i.e. are the
>> payment data correctly sent to paypal)?
>> Have you changed the name of the input fields in the HTML template?
>> Regards,
>> Mauro Lorenzutti
>> e-mail:  mauro.lorenzutti at webformat.com
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