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Mon Apr 3 13:38:05 CEST 2006

>>> I just dropped onto a limitation in GIFBUILDER text:
>>> There seems to be no way to render an ndash or mdash character.
>>> I tried all ways of encoding:
>>>       text = XXX - – – – YYY
>>> and
>>>       text = XXX - — — — YYY
>>>  but all I get is some placeholder character instead of the dash.
>>> Any idea how this can be done?
>> Are you sure the font file "ARIALN.TTF" contains a character for
>> ndash or mdash?
> yes, that was the first thing I checked. This is a standard WinXP
> font file. It contains these dashes at the right UTF encoding
> positions and they also work nicely if used as HTML entities in
> normal body text with "font-face: Arial; font-weight: normal;
> font-style: normal;" (which is ARIALN.TTF on WinXP).


Did you check if it works for other HTML entities?
text = XXX - & | YYY
Should give you    XXX - & | YYY


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