[Typo3] Paragraph Bug?

Til Obes til at okg-computer.de
Sat Mar 26 21:56:50 CET 2005

> This is impossible; look at the *name* of the property; if 
> you set it to
> '1', it will prevent the transformation of <br/> to 
> <p>&nbsp;</p>. If you
> set it to '0' it *will* transform line-feeds into html paragraphs. In
> neither case does it act on anything except line-feeds.
> > How can I do this that normal linebbreaks are converted to 
> br, where as 
> > double linebreaks (=a blank line) get converted to paragraphs (more 
> > precisely: the text before the blank line is encapsulated 
> in p-tags and 
> > the text after the blank line is encapsulated in p-tags)?
> > 
> I don't know how to do this (or if it could be done without 
> an extension),
> but what problems are caused if you use the default behaviour 
> ([return] =
> <p>...</p> and [shift]-[return] = <br />)?

I'm also having this problems. Neither the tsconfig options nor
this suggestion are helping.
When i use shift+return in the editor looks all fine.
But when i safe it, its again in <p> style.

Regards til

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