[Typo3-tt-news] Re: [Typo3] Related News Linking

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Fri Mar 25 23:46:51 CET 2005

In typo3.english Michael Shigorin <mike at osdn.org.ua> wrote:
>> I'm having a difficult time getting the related news to link from the
>> single news. I can see the related article, but no link.
> That is, the item's title but no actual HREF?

Rupi has provided me with solution:

plugin.tt_news.getRelatedCObject.10.default.10.typolink.parameter = $SINGLE_PID

-- insert this to Setup section of your (sub)template, substitute 
$SINGLE_PID with the page that should display appropriate single view.

Michael Shigorin

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