[Typo3] Installing Indexed Search Engine plugin

Rupert Germann rupi at gmx.li
Thu Mar 24 19:38:02 CET 2005

Hi Christian

Christian Boxer wrote:
> I can only get the latest v2.1.3 of the plugin to appear in the plugin
> list if I'm running TYPO3 v3.7.  If I use TYPO3 v3.6 (that comes in the
> Windows Quickstart package) then only the 'packaged' Indexed Search Engine
> plugin (v1.2.8) works as expected when installed i.e. it appears in the
> plugin list.
> I have know idea why this is the case, but this is what I've discovered...

this is not the case.
try this:
open the extension manager and choose "import extensions...". 
type "indexed_search" in the textfield, and click connect
if you see the extension you want, click on its name.
on the page that opens you'll find a dropdownmenu where it is possible to
choose the version of the extension.

hth & greets

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