[Typo3] Installing Indexed Search Engine plugin

Christian Boxer christianboxer at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 24 16:50:46 CET 2005

OK, for the record, here's my answer to myself....

It seems that my problem was actually to do with incompatible versions of TYPO3 and the Indexed Search Engine plugin itself:

I can only get the latest v2.1.3 of the plugin to appear in the plugin list if I'm running TYPO3 v3.7.  If I use TYPO3 v3.6 (that comes in the Windows Quickstart package) then only the 'packaged' Indexed Search Engine plugin (v1.2.8) works as expected when installed i.e. it appears in the plugin list.

I have know idea why this is the case, but this is what I've discovered...

Hopefully this will help someone else and maybe save you a few hours of frustration!

Best regards,

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