[Typo3] Article input for Typo3 - simple software or php script ?

Christopher tombedlam at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 11 16:33:25 CET 2005

Hi there,

--- Torben Dam Jensen <tdj at c.dk> wrote:
> Hope this is the right group to ask about this..
> I am about to implement T3 tt_news in our company, and I
> thought about this:  
> once implemented, is there any existing solution to
> make creation of news articles simple and quick ? I like
> the Typo3 backend, but it still is time-consuming to log
> in, find the page and the icon, click add, etc etc.

If these are the main problems, then you have some simpler options
available too (in order of complexity to implement):

1. Use the "Edit Page ID:" box at the bottom of the BE; provided your
editors can remember the id of the news storage page, they are two to four
keystrokes and three mouseclicks away from adding news from any point in
the BE (type page id > hit return > click "List" > click "create new record
icon" > click "news").

2. Create a shortcut (see bottom of BE; I'd  direct you to a howto, but I
can't currently reach typo3.org); a shortcut will take the user directly to
both the correct page id and module. Then the steps are:  click shortcut >
click "create new record" > click "News".

3. Use permissions to make *only* the news page and  *only* tt_News records
available to the user (should be possible, but I haven't tried...)


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