[Typo3] Multi site on several physical servers

Peter Huppertz peter at futurmat.com
Wed Mar 23 11:29:02 CET 2005

Hi Manuel,

it should be possible to dedicate one server as the main server where 
the Typo3 core is installed and mount a partition of this main server on 
all other servers you use (assuming you are working in a linux 
enviroment). So you should be able to symlink all three sites to one 
Typo3-Core and update only one core, not three. I myself have no 
experiences using a setup like this but should be working?!



Manuel schrieb:

> Hi all !
> My client is interested in Typo3 for all its websites 
> (internet/extranet/intranet). He wants only *one* Typo3 install 
> (mainly to avoid update hassle and to share content and documents 
> accross websites).
> I know it is possible to create several sites within one Typo3 
> install, but my client's websites are to be hosted on different 
> machines (DMZ).
> Is anyone here had the same problem ? Is there a solution ?
> Thanks a lot for your answers !
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