[Typo3] TemplaVoila and internal links

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Mon Mar 21 17:53:15 CET 2005

Cédric CHAMPEAU wrote:
> Hi,
> I see two problems with this solution :
>    - index.php#top does not get replaced, AFAIK, with index.php?id=xxxx#top,
> which causes pages other that the homepage to be linked to the homepage
>    - clicking on such a link makes the browser download a new page, instead
> of just jumping to the toplink.
> I think Sacha's workaround will do the trick, while it just seems to me a
> little bit complicated for a simple top link...

I didn't try what happens when I set a link to a page with an id.
<a href="../../../index.php?id=12">
<a href="../../../index.php?id=12#top">

but in my opinion it should work as usual (as the TV parser should just touch the begining of the link)

But if you are correct of course something has to be done ...

AFAIK a link to "index.php#top" won't reload the page if i'm already on "index.php"
Just tested it: it doesn't reload (at least in Firefox) ...

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