[Typo3] How to output wrapped header and bodytext from tt_content

Kraft Bernhard kraftb at gmx.net
Mon Mar 21 15:58:55 CET 2005

tadej.bregar at guest.arnes.si wrote:

> temp.quick_links = CONTENT
> temp.quick_links {
>    table = tt_content
>    select.pidInList = 532

Where did you learn this ?

Altough it is exactly the same as if you use "styles.content.get" you should really
stick to using those instead of writing it yourself ... The reason is everything you
would like to do can most probably be already done with styles.content.get.

So just use:

temp.quick_links < styles.content.get

and then set:

lib.stdheader.10.1 {
   wrap = <div class="box_generic"><div class="box_generic_boxhead"><h2> | </h2> </div>
   fontTag = |
tt_content.text.20.innerWrap = <div class="box_generic_boxbody"><div class="list_lines" id="links"> | </div></div> </div>

Note that in your code you forgot one closing DIV tag (for the "box_generic" class) and that
you page will be invalid html when you have more than one content element on such a page because
you use
<div class="list_lines" id="links">
So more than one DIV will have the same id "links" if you have more than one content element ...
This would be no valid HTML ...

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